What is Meditation? 

Meditation is a practice which helps one calm the mind and remain in the present moment.  There are many types of and techniques for meditation.  Ultimately, the important things is to find what works for you.

How Can Meditation Help?
There are many scientifically proven benefits to meditation including decreased stress and anxiety, improved body functions such immunity and digestion, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Is Meditation for Me?

I have heard some say they "just cannot meditate."  I understand that for them, the very thought of meditating is anxiety inducing.  When we have gotten used to living with an active or overactive mind, it can be difficult to conceptualize quieting it.  It may not be easy at first, but is possible for most people* to meditate. 


A simple technique to try is to just focus on your breath.  Maybe try counting your inhales and exhales, just for a few moments.  There, you have just begun your meditation practice!

For more techniques, schedule a session with me!

*Meditation is contraindicated for people who are experiencing psychosis, trauma, or acute mental health symptoms.