The “Shanti” in Shanti Healing means “Peace.”

But healing isn’t always a peaceful experience.  It is a lifetime commitment of self-discovery that can be filled with pain, joy, anger, love, and many other emotions.

So then, why the name Shanti Healing?

I have tried many conventional and alternative forms of healing my body, mind, and spirit. Some things have worked for me…and some have not.  With the help of others, I discovered techniques and practices that have allowed me to find moments of peace. It is in these moments of peace- or inner stillness- where I have been able to connect with my “highest self” and the unconditional love that heals all.

I firmly believe that each of us is capable of healing ourselves- in fact, we are the ONLY ones who can. Unless we choose to, we do not have to do this alone! I am grateful for the people in my life who have loved, supported, and guided me toward truths about myself, life, and healing. In honor of them, I created Shanti Healing to be a loving, supportive, and ethical healing environment where people feel valued, respected, and inspired.


It takes strength and courage to embark on your own sacred journey of healing. If you are reading this, yours has already begun and I am honored to walk alongside you for this part of it.

Wishing you peace,



Kristina Foye, MSW, RYT 200, Usui Reiki Master

Owner, Shanti Healing, LLC

Experience & Certifications


Kristina loves to explore various forms of physical, emotional, and soul healing.  She began practicing yoga in 2007 and shortly after was introduced to Reiki.  Kristina earned her Usui Reiki Masters certificate in 2011. Later that same year she established her small business, Shanti Healing, LLC


In addition to Reiki, Kristina has received certification or training in the following, which she incorporates into her healing practice:

Kristina has been working in the human services field for more than 20 years, including over a decade of nonprofit management experience.  She earned her BA in Psychology from Fairfield University and her Masters in Social Work in Policy Practice from University of Connecticut School of Social Work. Since 2009 she has served as the director of a home visiting child-parent psychotherapy program for vulnerable young children and their families.


Kristina is a proud mother, an artist, and loves yoga, kirtan, inspirational quotes, playing her Tibetan sound bowl, creating essential oil blends, growing herbs and vegetables in her balcony garden, and watching the sun rise and set.  Aligned with her strong belief in Ahimsa (nonviolence), Kristina has practiced veganism for more than a decade, volunteers as a Vegan Mentor with various vegan organizations and groups and is happy to share her experiences and support with those who are interested.